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Our Story

A good cigar with friends on a fishing trip sparked a thought with Dr. John Nesbitt: why not a mouthwash formulated for smokers and nicotine users? He loved a cigar himself, still does, but as a dentist was also very aware of the damage from smoke, tar and chemicals.

He sought out one of the best chemists in the world, the renowned chemist Dr. William Farone, a foremost authority on tobacco chemistry and its effects on the body. Dr. Nesbitt tasked his new collaborator to develop a mouthwash formula specifically for tobacco users.

That fateful meeting ten years ago resulted in what one of our customers has called “a godsend.” Nicorinse is alcohol, aspartame and sugar free and its unique foaming action leaves you with a fresh, deep clean you can feel. Nicorinse is recommended for multiple, daily use.