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About us

Nesbitt Health Care was founded by Dr John Nesbitt DDS, whose dental practice is located in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada. John founded NHC to commercialize NICORINSE, an oral rinse specifically formulated for smokers.  It reduces smoke and tobacco chemicals that coat the mouth after smoking, helping reduce the harmful effects of tobacco use.

Dr John Nesbitt DDS

Says John:

“I created this advanced special formula along with a renowned chemist, Dr. Willian Farone. I see patients who smoke, and their health is a great concern to me."

NICORINSE reduces the levels of nicotine and other chemicals left in the mouth after smoking. This reduction brings an immediate benefit for smokers by eliminating smoking odors. It also has several periodontal benefits.

Tammy Brown, a hygienist, recognized the improvements in periodontal health during an in-field study of 12 patients using NICORINSE over a six-month period. She noticed significant changes in the cases of bleeding gums, pocket depth and plaque build-up:

"As a hygienist, my job is to assist my patients to maintain healthy periodontal structures and to provide optimum support for their teeth. I often dispense NICOIRINE to my ‘smokers’. I am pleased with the results; not only was tooth staining reduced, but the gingival tissue surrounding the teeth was healthier.”

Reduction of the harmful chemicals in the oral cavity also leads directly the lessening of intestinal absorption of those toxins.  Says Dr. H. McLauchin, DDS, MD, FRCS, FACS:  “As a surgeon specializing in the head, neck and chest surgery, the idea/concept of reducing tobacco residues from the upper aero-digestive tract has to be beneficial for those who choose to smoke; NICORINSE will help to accomplish this ... it is a very good product.”

NICORINSE is currently sold in North America.