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About Nicorinse

Nicorinse is a 100% natural mouthwash formulated specifically for smokers - that really works!

Do you suffer from...

  • mouth odor caused by smoking
  • stained teeth caused by smoking
  • other oral health issues made worse by smoking (bleeding gums, plaque)

Nicorinse helps improve overall wellness; it:

  • aids in the removal of nicotine and other tobacco related chemicals clinging to the soft tissues of the mouth
  • helps keep teeth whiter
  • freshens breath
  • helps reduce smoking if you are motivated to do so

Introducing Nicorinse...

Nicorinse is a moisturizer for dry mouth and promotes healthier gums.

Nicorinse is alcohol free, aspartame free, and comes in a BPA free bottle.

The Nicorinse advanced formula was developed by a dentist and a biochemist to help remove harmful smoke related chemicals from the soft tissues of the mouth.

Check out these results!

Over period of six months, Rocky Mountain Hygiene charted plaque, bleeding and pocket depth scores for twelve tobacco users that volunteered to use NICORINSE. The results were consistent across all patients. 







Quitting is journey that is very difficult, even for the highly motivated. If you are committed to quitting tobacco products, Nicorinse can be an effective aid; and Nicorinse is an effective risk reduction mouthwash that has a positive impact on oral health as you make that journey.