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There’s No Accounting For Taste

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The old adage is true, that each person’s taste is his or her own. When you’re developing something like a mouthwash, like we have with Nicorinse, you end up really looking at taste profiles very carefully and trying to appeal to the widest audience possible. You can never please everyone is one of the first lessons we learned.

We created Nicorinse to have a very pleasant, mint taste. But one thing we haven’t really talked much about, and couldn’t plan for, is the taste you might taste on expectorating Nicorinse. Some people have described it as sour. Or otherwise different from the fresh mint taste they experienced when they first started swishing.

That’s because Nicorinse is helping to move toxins from out of your mouth, and those residues, which will be evident in your mouth’s biofilm after a cigarette, will taste different than the clean and natural product you took into your mouth just 30 seconds ago. Nicorinse is removing the hundreds of chemicals you’ve just coated your mouth, tongue and throat with. It’s a bit like the facial cleansers some of us use: when we see the dirt that comes off of our faces from products that remove toxins, we are amazed to see how much dirt there actually is. This is also true of Nicorinse. Perhaps unfortunately for all of us, our tongues can pick up this dirty taste as well as any other; and to those of us that have more taste buds and are naturally more sensitive to certain tastes, and there are many of us who are more sensitive to certain taste profiles, will definitely taste that sour taste more than others. In other words, when you taste that on the way out, you know it’s working to remove a lot of gross stuff. Gross stuff generally tastes horrible, and there’s not much anyone can do about that. Regular use will improve your oral health. And your breath.

Try Nicorinse® Risk Free Today!


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