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How to protect the mouth from damage caused by smoking is something that I personally care about, being a dentist and a lover of fine cigars myself. Like millions of others, I sometimes like a cigar after a meal. But I don’t like what I know cigars do to the health of my mouth. I don’t inhale, I keep the smoke in my mouth; but I still absorb hundreds and hundreds of toxic chemicals through the soft tissues my mouth and throat. I fill my mouth with noxious molecules and unwanted residues every time I light up. So, as a dentist, and a tobacco user myself, I understand the experiences of my smoking patients.

Ten years ago this became the Mother of Invention for Nicorinse, which was developed with the help of Dr. William Farone, a chemist and leading expert on the effects of tobacco on users. We wanted our product to give smokers and tobacco users these important benefits: 

1. A mouthwash formulated to remove tar and nicotine from the throat, mouth, gums and teeth;
2. A mouthwash with enhanced moisture protection;
3. A powerful antimicrobial, and antibacterial mouthwash;
4. A mouthwash to stop smoker’s breath and remove teeth and lip stains;
5. An alcohol free, sugar free and aspartame free mouthwash;
6. A mouthwash made of natural, gentle ingredients.

Our vision was for a mouthwash that could work as a preventative, reduce risks associated with tobacco use, and protect the mouths of those who continue smoking, or those looking to quit. That vision was realized through the brilliant R&D of  Dr. Farone. I’m happy to be able to use such a superior product myself and confidently recommend it to my patients.

This Is The More Part…

It so happens that what we created also benefits more than just smokers, which is exciting for us to see. People on medications or going through chemotherapy who have been introduced to Nicorinse report benefits, especially with dry mouth. And some people with partial or complete dentures are reportedly using Nicorinse as an overnight denture cleanser. Nicorinse will kill odour-causing bacteria and unwanted microbes, remove stains and help reduce plaque build up leaving dentures or partials cleaner. We may be carrying denture cups in future, so please look for that.

While I say that, what’s also interesting to see is that people from all ages and walks of life are finding and trying Nicorinse. As a dental professional it’s encouraging to see younger, health conscious people, who also use tobacco, or cannabis, or who vape, take preventative oral health steps now. Keeping your mouth and gums healthy helps extend the life of your teeth. Maybe you can avoid that future partial twenty years from now.

Try Nicorinse® Risk Free Today!


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