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In 2016, Nicorinse inventory was exhausted. That product was manufactured in the UK, primarily for the EU market but was also sold in North America. So, what has been happening? Why has it taken so long to get new inventory?

A case of mouthwash is quite heavy.  It is not the kind of product that you want to ship long distances due to cost of shipping.  Nesbitt Health Care decided to concentrate on North America which meant manufacturing the product in either the US or Canada. We chose Canada, and began working with Canadian Custom Packaging which is in the Toronto area.

We are continually improving Nicorinse, and made a few tweaks to the formula.  This meant several months of stability testing that ensures a long shelf life. Based on previous feedback, we also made decisions to go from a 250ml bottle to 475 ml.  This gives us more flexibility on price, providing our customers with better value. And finally, we updated our look – logo and labels to reflect the clean, refreshing feeling left after a rinse with Nicorinse.

We hope you like the improvements.
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