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Nicorinse Chosen As Top 200 Health Blog By Feedspot

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top 200 health blog award

We were all smiles in the office on opening the e-mail congratulating us on our selection as one of the Top 200 Health Blogs on the web! We are among the best and most trusted health blogs on the Internet today. We’re still calming down a bit from the news.

We’re excited to now bring more of our original health articles and news to an even larger audience around the world looking for original and trustworthy health advice.  

We want to say to Feedspot’s panel, thank you very much for selecting us! We do work hard to find and write stories of interest different than you’ll find elsewhere. To bring smokers and tobacco users news and products that can improve oral health and general health is definitely one of my goals as a dental professional.

As a regular guy who loves a good cigar now and then, I also want to reach more people just like me, who have similar, harmful (though often enjoyable) tobacco habits, and who either want to quit, reduce use, or reduce harm. Or all three. All three are possible. I use Nicorinse and have from day one because I choose to have a good cigar now and then. That’s my choice as a person. As a dentist, I would tell me to stop smoking altogether. But we know from research on our own product and in the medical literature that harm reduction is a key factor in overall health because quitting is hard, and sometimes people aren’t ready, or they rebound and start again. Some people don’t ever want to quit. That’s a reality, too. Harm reduction comes in many forms, and we will continue to write about those here. But Nicorinse is definitely one easy and good way to help yourself to better health.

Harm reduction is bottled in the product that Dr. Farone and I developed nearly 10 years ago. Nicorinse is a well-researched and distinct formula to help reduce the harm caused by smoking tobacco. Dr. Farone is a chemical genius of no equal when it comes to understanding how to reduce the harm of tobacco on the mouth and in the body.

It just so happens, being made for smokers also made Nicorinse a really superior mouthwash for anyone. Even children. (Though it does not have a kid-friendly name, I know.) But I say children because when we set out to develop this product, Dr. Farone and I specifically set out thinking about how to best restore mouths; how to help smokers get their mouths back to a closer state of nature: cleaner, well moisturized, fresh, and protected. We’ve created a formula that addresses the harm done by smoking, to help reduce known carcinogens in the mouth and throat,and reset your mouth to a fresher, more natural state.

The big Nicorinse difference is also its biggest overall health benefit: It was made for cleaning up and protecting the most polluted and wounded mouths on earth! Nicorinse is soft and gentle on the mouth, and the way that it cleans, moisturizes and protects is the most natural, overall protecting and healing thing a smoker could do for her or his mouth.

How do I know? I’m a ten year test subject myself. As is Dr. Farone. As a dentist and a smoker, I personally wouldn’t want to do without it now that it exists. And I’m very glad I do. We want to reach as many people as possible with our message of better oral health. Even old cigar smokers like me.

Thank you to all of you who read Nicorinse’s ever-growing health blog or any of our social posts. If you have editorial suggestions for our blog, or things you’d like to learn more about, please write us using the comments box below. I’d love to hear from you.

And if you’ve tried Nicorinse, or you are about to try it, or if you have reordered it, thank you very much for giving us an opportunity to show you what Nicorinse can do to help improve your oral health.

Try Nicorinse® Risk Free Today!


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