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Is Activated Charcoal Good For Your Teeth?

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Whether you’re a regular smoker or, like me, you enjoy the occasional fine cigar, you’ve probably looked in the mirror at some time wishing your pearly whites were a bit more pearly and white.

If you’re searching for a way to brighten your smile, you’ve probably tried everything from whitening strips to gels. Activated charcoal has been a popular ingredient in skincare for several years – lately, the internet’s most popular bloggers and vloggers have been touting its benefits as a tooth whitener.

But should you be covering your teeth in black charcoal in your pursuit of a brighter smile?

Science suggests no.

Activated charcoal is an excellent purifying agent because of its porous surface area and negatively charged ions that absorb and trap toxic substances. However, when applied as a paste to your teeth, there’s still no evidence that charcoal toothpastes have any positive effects on dental whitening - and the grainy substance can actually have an abrasive and destructive effect on your gums and enamel.

Another problem with activated charcoal dental products is the lack of oversight and research proving efficacy. While studies have proven charcoal’s safe use as a way to remove toxins from the digestive system, there has been no proof that it is effective or even safe for dental surfaces and gingival tissues.

What explains the seemingly miraculous whitening displayed in those enthusiastic online reviews? Some of it could be attributed to photo and video editing but it’s also likely due to enthusiasm – when we’re excited by the potential of a new product, we’re likely to spend extra time on our oral health routine.

If you are seeking a brighter smile, focus on maintaining your consistent oral health practice with regular brushing and flossing, and add a therapeutic oral rinse to your routine. One of the benefits of Nicorinse’s unique foaming formula is its ability to whiten teeth up to two shades with no abrasion or destruction of gingival tissue or teeth.

For further whitening efforts, chat with your dentist about in-office bleaching options. Unlike activated charcoal products, they’re proven to work effectively, are safe on tooth structure, and pose no potential risks to your health.

Try Nicorinse® Risk Free Today!


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