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How To Reduce Canker Sores

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How to heal mouth sores is a common question in my dental practice. Healing canker sores from smoking or medications, or healing chemotherapy mouth sores, are common concerns people have from all walks of life. Thankfully there are treatments for cankers and lesions.

The best way to treat mouth sores from smoking, cancer treatments or medications is to keep the mouth clean and moisturized. Dry mouth can make matters much worse. Drink enough clean water and avoid salty and sugary foods. Eat more green leafy vegetables and low-acid fruits like pears and apples. If water and a diet change aren’t enough, you might want to start using or switch to an alcohol-free, moisturizing mouthwash to give your mouth a chance to heal. It’s very important never to use an alcohol-based mouthwash on delicate mouth tissues.

If you decide to quit smoking or chewing tobacco, you might notice mouth sores heal after quitting your nicotine of choice. That’s because there’s a lot more than tar and nicotine in that chew, cigarette, or cigar being absorbed by your mouth. How many chemicals are there in a cigarette? Close to 1,000. So, until you quit your habit, Nicorinse can help you absorb fewer toxins and be your defense against mouth cankers and lesions.

If you happen to take medications or are going through chemotherapy, Nicorinse can be a welcome relief for extreme dry mouth caused by prescriptions or toxic chemical overload.

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