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Discovering The Benefits of Nicorinse®: Tammy Brown’s Story

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Dental hygienist Tammy Brown contacted Dr. Nesbitt shortly after she discovered Nicorinse and saw the positive benefit it was having on her husband, who used snus. Tammy’s professional and personal concern had been that tobacco users were at a higher risk of losing their teeth, especially those who chewed tobacco. This theory, and her husband’s experience, motivated Tammy to study Nicorinse herself with a larger sample of tobacco users, with a focus on men who used forms of moist chewing tobacco.

Over a period of six months Tammy charted Plaque, Bleeding and Pocket Depth scores for twelve men who volunteered to use Nicorinse regularly over this period of time. Her infield study shows that Nicorinse can markedly improve oral health scores across the board for people who chew tobacco products, even while they are using tobacco. 

From her personal experience, and the findings from her tobacco study, Tammy began providing Nicorinse treatment to patients under chemotherapy, palliative care and respite care. Sucking on oxygen and taking toxic drugs can create painful, chronic dry mouth. Patients under her care would choose not to eat or drink because of the painful condition of their mouths. After treatment with Nicorinse, they were able to more comfortably eat and drink, which improved quality of life and health outcomes dramatically. Tammy credits the natural formulation for the oral healing. 

Hearing her patients whisper “thank you for Nicorinse” is why Tammy wants Nicorinse to be discovered for all of its benefits.

You can read Tammy’s infield study in full here.

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