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Creating an Effective Quit Kit

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When I talk to my patients, friends or acquaintances about their ‘habit’, we all have different and sometimes passionate feelings about smoking. For some of us it’s an enjoyable indulgence; for others it’s a habit we want to quit. Myself, I love to savour a fine cigar; yet I have also cut down at different times in my life, and sometimes get preoccupied with my own love affair with tobacco. That I continue to smoke doesn’t mean I advocate smoking. Far from it. We created Nicorinse because I wanted there to be a product for people just like me: someone who chooses to smoke, or who may be cutting down or quitting, but who wants better oral protection and health while doing it.

However you yourself might feel about tobacco (whether you never have smoked, whether you’ve proudly quit, whether you struggle to quit, or don’t want to quit – yet), it’s impossible to ignore the decades of research cataloguing the negative and lethal effects of smoking on our health. Whether you think about quitting completely or just want to cut back on the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day, putting together a plan, a “quit kit” of tools and strategies, will make it a lot easier to achieve your goals for prevention or cessation.

Here are some things I recommend (and have even tried myself):

  • A physical replacement. Especially if you’re a long-term heavy smoker, you’ll likely notice an urge to pull out a cigarette and place it in your mouth. Beat the habit (and resist the urge to light it) by stashing items like straws, toothpicks, or cinnamon sticks so you have an alternative for the physical habit. Carrot sticks worked for a friend of mine. If you’re feeling fidgety or miss the puffing action, keep water around; the drinking and swallowing action will help as it simulates the motor habit we have when we smoke.
  • Keep your mind occupied. Keeping small puzzles like sudoku or crosswords around is a good way to distract yourself. I like to pace and think. Doing something else is key to letting that first few minutes of urge pass. The more you do this, the more you are training your mind to break the habit. 
  • Feeling tense? If a cigarette is your go-to way to unwind, try keeping a stress ball at your desk or make a cup of your favourite cup of tea. Throw a tennis ball at the wall.
  • Patterns, patterns, patterns. Establishing healthy routines has a huge payoff on your overall health – consistently getting enough sleep, eating regular balanced meals and adding in some physical activity is key to living our best lives. Successes in health and in other areas of your life will also make it easier to reduce other habits.
  • Brush, floss, rinse. Establishing consistent oral hygiene practices is important for everyone. Rinsing is a proven way to remove more debris from the mouth. With Nicorinse’s tar and nicotine removing formula, you can also flush more of the film that coats your mouth after a cigarette or cigar. By consistently flushing surface tar and nicotine from the soft tissue of the mouth (which then becomes systemic nicotine and other chemicals as it’s absorbed and swallowed), you can minimize the harmful effects of toxic chemicals AFTER you smoke, in the mouth and throat, and on the soft tissue of the gums and tongue. I personally also use Nicorinse before I smoke to coat my mouth with Nicorinse’s protective formula. It’s worked for me since we invented it. I use it every day.
  • Talk about it and make a date. Finally, if you’re thinking about cutting back on your smoking habits or quitting altogether, chat with your family, friends, and healthcare professionals. Your family and friends can be a huge help – both by providing encouragement and creating a supportive environment. Your doctor, pharmacist, and your dentist can offer advice and resources to help you along the way; if you need, they can even provide prescription support if you need additional help.

In over 20 years in practice as a dentist, I can say that Nicorinse is a market first and an original product that works. Customers have reported very frequently to us that Nicorinse has also helped them quit smoking.

We are extremely happy to hear that kind of feedback. We love to hear from people about their experience using Nicorinse. For those of you trying to quit, or looking forward to a cigar after dinner tonight, here’s to better habits, and your continued oral health and happiness!

Try Nicorinse® Risk Free Today!


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