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7 Really Healthy Reasons Why You Should Scrape Your Tongue

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Some of us brush it. Others of us more or less ignore it. But there are very good reasons to scrape your tongue that could benefit your overall health.

Tongue scraping is self-care that humans discovered thousands of years ago – no doubt in lieu of having a real toothbrush. But nonetheless they were on to something in scraping that we modern folk have largely forgotten: the health benefits of simply scraping your tongue. In Ayurvedic medicine, going back 5,000 years or so, tongue scraping was known as Prakshalana, and is described as having many health benefits.

If you do a Google (or Bing) search today, you will see many recent sites recommending the health benefits of tongue scraping. Even the Huffington Post recently deemed tongue scraping the “forgotten hero of oral health.” Ancient cultures knew things we have only just started to practice and promote again.

As an oral hygiene practice you can start today, tongue scraping removes residual bacteria, food particles, toxins, fungi, and dead cells from your mouth, while also stimulating blood flow and new cell generation. The saying “a rolling stone gathers no moss” is a good tongue health analogy here. By scraping your tongue and then also brushing, flossing and rinsing, you will move and remove more bacteria and toxins from within the deeper surfaces of the tongue. This also means you ingest fewer alien substances. Stimulating circulation to the surface tongue and thereby nurturing new cell is a good way to keep the tongue cleaner, healthier, and nourished. Few of us think about it, but when it comes to our bodies, the oral cavity is very vulnerable to the environment. We stress our mouths with toxins daily, with not just tobacco, but with other environmental stressors and toxins, including food colorings in fast food and other processed foods, car exhaust, and other environmental pollutants.

Why Scrape Your Tongue? Here are 6 Big Reasons:

  •   Remove food particulate
  •   Remove ‘bad’ bacteria
  •   Remove toxins
  •   Remove fungi
  •   Remove yeast
  •   Remove dead cells

And One Bonus Benefits For Tobacco Users:

  •   Reduces your risk from tar, nicotine, and other carcinogenic and addictive chemical build-up in the mouth

Start scraping and you might have more than better breath; you might have better oral health. There are many good tongue scrapers on the market today. If you have a regular dentist, ask her or him what they recommend; if not, see your local pharmacist, or compare options on a site like Amazon in your local region for the product that you feel is right for you.

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